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Is it Safe to Travel with Kratom?

Things to Consider when Traveling with Kratom

As the holiday season approaches, many of us will buy kratom online.  That also coincides with peak travel season and as such we have a lot of customers ask, “Can I travel with Kratom”?  As Kratom is federally legal the general answer is yes, however, there are certain things to take into consideration.  With pretty much all things Kratom there aren’t many cut-and-dry answers and the details matter.

The first question to ask is:  Will you be driving or flying?   If you’re going to be driving, you need to be aware that even though federally legal there are some states and counties that prohibit Kratom.  If you are looking to buy kratom online, we encourage you to check out the footer on our home page regularly as you can track any state or local bans on Kratom there. Obviously, you would want to refrain from carrying and consuming Kratom in those jurisdictions to stay on the safe side.  For the purposes of this article, we’ll refrain from sharing our opinion on the logic of states and counties banning kratom

Again, Kratom is federally legal.  However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take certain precautions to make sure your travel experience is smooth and stress-free…. Isn’t that the point of Kratom anyways?

Is Kratom safe to travel through an airport with?” 

In the USA, airport property is subject to state and local law and is under the jurisdiction of the state and municipality (if applicable). … The only jurisdiction that the Federal government has at airports is the same jurisdiction that they have anywhere else in the USA.  Long story short:  If the state you are flying out of or into has a ban on Kratom you should not take any Kratom to that airport.  That’s cut and dry.  At the end of the day, just because you may not agree with certain laws that doesn’t mean you should break them.  There are much more effective ways to voice your opinion and help create change.  Breaking the law is never the answer.

However, assuming you are in a state where kratom is legal and that you are also flying into a state where Kratom is legal here’s the main thing to keep in mind:  When you are carrying any type of powder that is over 12oz / 350mL you will need to take that out of your luggage and place it in a separate bin for screening.  In most cases, once you do this you should breeze right through security.

For argument’s sake, let’s say for example you are flagged, they search your bags and find Kratom.  In every case, we’ve ever heard of if the passenger is straight up, respectful, and honest about what they have they are able to proceed to their gate without incident.  Hypothetically, if the agent you are working with still isn’t convinced the next step would be to perform a chemical test where they rule out any chance you are carrying a banned substance or bomb-making materials.  Assuming you’re not doing either of those things, they will most likely let you through to proceed to your gate with your kratom intact.

People also ask, “what about drug-sniffing dogs?”  Drug and bomb-sniffing dogs are trained to only smell and locate certain substances and they are trained specifically for each substance they are trying to sniff out.  Kratom is not one of those substances. There are millions of distinct powders, substances, and odors out there so these drug-sniffing dogs need to be specific about what they are looking for otherwise it would be chaos in the airport.  In other words, drug-sniffing dogs are not looking for Kratom so there is no need for concern there.

All that being said, please do keep in mind that at the end of the day it will be up to the individual TSA agent to determine if you pass through or if they make you toss out your Kratom before proceeding to your gate.  To expedite your way through security it’s best to follow TSA’s direct recommendation which is to stow any powders over 12oz or 350mL in an unopened package in your carry-on luggage.  If you follow these recommendations when you buy kratom online and carry it with you on your travels, you shouldn’t have any issues.

 Where to buy Kratom online that is safe to travel with

To summarize:  If you want to be completely safe, it’s advised to travel with your kratom in an unopened, air-sealed package in your checked-on luggage.  For that and many other reasons, it’s highly advisable to purchase your kratom through a reputable vendor that tests their product for purity and also has high-quality packaging that can be properly sealed.  If you have travel plans this holiday season and would like to enjoy some Kratom on your journey we’d suggest you check out our full menu of premium grade, high-quality kratom.  Just follow the general guidelines here and you should be A-Okay!  We wish you nothing but the best this holiday season and safe travels!

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