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Kratom – Does It Really Work?

Kratom (as you all may know) is a leafy-green plant that can be found in the jungles of South East Asia. Its leaves and stems can be extracted into a powder that can help with pain, opioid withdrawal, and a lack of energy.

So, how does Kratom “work?”

Like cacao leaves found in the Central Americas to South America – kratom can be referred to as a “natural opioid.” Unlike pharmaceutical opiates which can be extremely addicting – natural opiates will give you pain relief without the major withdrawal symptoms of pharmaceutical opiates.

The secret formula in kratom is found in a chemical call mitragynine. In low doses – mitragynine can give you energy, and at higher amounts, it’s more sedative. Mitragynine binds to your opioid receptors, thus relieving pain.

What forms of Kratom are ingestible?

Here at Kratom Depot, we have kratom powder and kratom capsules.  We believe that kratom in its pure and natural form give the body the easiest and most efficient way to absorb kratom.

You will see kratom tinctures and extracts – but again, we strongly feel kratom should be taken in its natural form.

What are the differences between strains of Kratom?

Like many different plants in the world – kratom does come in a variety of strains. Each has different effects, so make sure you further educate yourself about which ones are right for you.

Here’s a general rundown:

Maeng Da Kratom

Maeng Da kratom strains are the strongest kratom on the market.  Maeng Da can have different colors, like red, green, or white.

You can find Maeng Da kratom in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. We also have them here in Kratom Depot.

Green Malay Kratom

Green Malay Kratom comes from Malaysia – and is known for its dark, jade-like hue. If you’re suffering from anxiety – this strain is generally used for more relaxation and stress-reduction.

Red Bali Kratom

Red Bali Kratom is found in, you guessed it, Bali. This form of kratom relieves pain and is perfect for muscle or injury recovery.

White Vein Kratom

White Kratom Strains are known for their ability to energize the body. Laborers in South East Asia tend to use this strain to give them power during their workday. Students have also been known to take white vein kratom to help with their studies.

How much should I take?

In 2017 – there was a survey conducted of people who medicate with kratom – and most people reported that a dose of up to 5 grams of powder three times per day was more than enough to feel the different effects of kratom.

However, for legal reasons we cannot advise on what anyone’s specific kratom dose should be.  The only guidance we can give is to start small and work your way up to understand your specific tolerance.  Our kratom at Kratom Depot is potent and of the highest quality – so when taking our product, we again stress to start small and work your way up to see what’s right for you.

Obviously – kratom at different doses has different effects on users, so see which balance is right for you.

In conclusion…

If you’re looking to treat any of your ailments, whether it’s depression, anxiety, pain, or stress – make sure you read about which kratoms are best for you.

Different kratoms react differently within your body – and make sure to test out which dosage is right for you.

Also, a healthy diet and exercise can help you alongside your kratom usage.

Until next time!


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